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Gamification & Experiential Learning

Since our launch in 2017, we have been adopting gamification and experiential learning as our methodology across all our training programs in 3 different languages: English, French, and German.
Gamification is the use of engaging games and activities tailored to adult learners to introduce knowledge and practice relevant skills.
Experiential learning is the application of concepts to real-world situations. It is grounded in a humanistic perspective proposing that we are naturally capable to learn through experience.

Why Gamification & Experiential Learning?

Building on learners’ knowledge and experience, learning becomes a personalized experience: no more abstract, boring knowledge

It is engaging, competitive, and fun; allowing learners to benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge as well as their own

Listening passively to a teacher/professor can be boring and doesn’t allow for enough practice. We do the opposite: learners speak 80% while the trainer speaks 20% of the time

Intensive, tailored feedback
One can learn only through proper feedback; we understand that each learner has different areas of improvement and learning styles; that is why we depend on tailored feedback, designed for each learner.

Memory Retention
By building strong relationships between acquiring skills & thinking processes, retention of information is exponentially higher because learners are allowed to link knowledge to a task they do or an experience they go through 

Lifelong Learning
“We don’t give you fish; we teach you how to fish”. Our methodology aims at helping learners acquire the essential skills required for self-learning, so that by the end of the training program learners are able to keep developing their skills without the assistance of a trainer

Proven Success
Throughout 4 years, thousands of graduates have enhanced their language ,soft skills, and intercultural communication; many of them quickly climbed their career ladders or even joined our team as trainers and recruiters.

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