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English for Finance & Banking

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By the end of this program, you will be able to:

Confidently speak about finance & banking topics (e.g., acquisitions & mergers; capital management; budgeting; loans and credits)
Lead a smooth, seamless business conversation using correct syntax and sentence structure
Appropriately use finance & banking terminology, jargon, and idioms
Work on your individual areas of improvement in pronunciation with a special focus on finance & banking expressions
Program Pillars
Banking & finance communication
Speaking about bank types and banking services
Discussing economy and finance
Understanding and acquiring finance-specific jargon and expressions
How to present banking & finance products/services and cater to customers’ needs
Language skills
Vocab: Collocations, idioms, and expressions specific to banking & finance
Structure: Grammar & structure practice and tailored feedback (e.g., correct usage of tenses, complex and compound word order, passive voice, etc.)
Pronunciation: English consonant & vowel sounds, eliminating MTI, Intonation, syllable & sentence stress
Fluency: overcoming fluency barriers such as repetition, pauses, slow rate of speech, etc.

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