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English for IT

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By the end of this program, you will be able to:

Confidently speak about IT-related topics (software, hardware, programming, etc.)
Communicate in English in real-life business situations related to Information Technology such as IT careers, mobile computing, enterprise social media, E-commerce, etc.)
Appropriately use jargon, idioms, and terminology specific to IT
Lead smooth, seamless business conversations using flawless grammar and accurate pronunciation.
Program Pillars:
IT communication
Describing software requirements & programming steps
Discussing E-commerce and social media trends
Proposing IT solutions
Understanding IT-related concepts (e.g., database, networking concepts, systems administration, etc.) and leading relevant conversations in business contexts like meetings, presentations, and telephoning clients

Language Skills
Vocab: Collocations, idioms, and expressions specific to IT
Structure: Grammar & structure contextual practice and tailored feedback (e.g., correct usage of tenses, complex and compound word order, passive voice, etc.)
Pronunciation: English consonant & vowel sounds, eliminating MTI, Intonation, syllable & sentence stress
Fluency: overcoming fluency barriers such as repetition, pauses, slow rate of speech, etc.

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