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Build your Skills on a Strong Foundation
(112 hours)

Aiming at upscaling your skillset, this program adopts an interactive, holistic approach to building a strong foundation of a more sophisticated understanding and an intensive practice of language, soft skills, and intercultural communication

Program Pillars & Objectives:

Language Skills

  • Eliminating the MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) in pronunciation
  • Speaking effortlessly with the correct structure & grammar
  • Expanding the vocabulary bank required to have smooth conversations
  • Self expression without major hesitations or getting stuck

Soft Skills

  • Learning how to negotiate using appropriate word choice
  • Practicing presentation skills and becoming aware of body language tips and tricks
  • Unlocking the potential for creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Managing time in teamwork tasks

Culture Acumen

  • Understanding different cultures
  • Dealing with diverse backgrounds
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