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An ADJECTIVE is a word that describes a noun. It gives us more information about a person, place, thing, animal, or idea. Examples of adjectives are shortbeautiful, and expensive.

In English, the adjective is usually placed before the noun. For example:

  • They live in a big house.

  • We sat on the warm beach.

  • He bought a red car.

However, in some cases, the adjective is placed after the noun. This happens when the sentence uses the verb “to be”.

  • This show is wonderful.

  • English is easy.

  • Your cat is friendly.

COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES compare two people, places, or things.

SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES compare three or more people, places, or things.

John is tall.                                                                basic adjective

Mike is taller than me.                                            comparative adjective

Bob is the tallest player on the team.                   superlative adjective

The word “than” is often used after the comparative form.

The word “the” is often used before the superlative form.


Comparative adjectives are often followed by than or but.


Today is cold, but yesterday was colder.
The first test was easier than the second test.
Her house is modern, but his house is more modern.
This class was interesting. That class was more interesting.


Superlative adjectives are usually preceded by the.


It was the hottest day of the year.
Today was the happiest day of my life.
This is the most popular restaurant in town.
That was the most interesting experience I’ve ever had!



This song is good.
That song is better. (It is always wrong to use “more better”.)
The last song is the best.

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