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Your Pivotal Toolkit
(120 hours)

With our unique methodology, this program further develops your skills based on your individual areas of opportunity, enabling you to communicate confidently in English and unlock your interpersonal skills across social and business contexts.

Program Pillars & Objectives:

Language Skills

  • Practicing the correct pronunciation of vowel sounds and consonant sounds

  • Learning syllable and sentence stress and how to apply them smoothly

  • Expanding the vocabulary bank required to have smooth conversations in familiar and unfamiliar topics

  • Self expression without hesitation

  • Knowledge of advanced grammar nuances and how to apply them in speech

Soft Skills

  • Negotiation and persuasion skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Handling difficult types of behavior

  • The power of positive phraseology

  • Communication and presentation skills

Culture Acumen

  • Cultural dimensions in different countries

  • How different cultures impact consumer decision making

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